Merit Recognised for Performance Beyond Compliance

Merit is delighted to have received recognition from the Considerate Constructors Scheme for our site at Malling Brooks Industrial Estate in Lewes, where we are busy constructing John Gosnell & Co’s new cosmetics facility.

The site was registered with the Scheme in February 2017 and since then has been the subject of two visits by a Monitor from the Scheme to ensure that the site is achieving compliance requirements against five categories:


Improving the image of construction

In June, at the first visit, we were delighted to receive a score of 35/50 but the team raised the bar even higher and following the second visit in August, we were awarded a higher score of 38/50 with ‘Excellent’ scores in Appearance, Community and Safety. The site team was also awarded with a ‘Performance Beyond Compliance’ Certificate by the Scheme in order to recognise their achievements in scoring 7 or above in the 5 categories above. Well done team!

Merit’s Operations Director, Nick Small, who presented the certificate to the team at Malling Brooks said, “We’re very pleased to be part of the Considerate Constructors Scheme and to have received such high scores as a result of the monitor visiting and assessing the site at Malling Brooks. This demonstrates Merit’s ongoing commitment to provide construction activities which are considerate of our neighbours, our workforce and the environment whilst raising the profile of the construction industry as well.

We have been working closely with a local school here in Lewes who designed some excellent posters for our site hoardings and we will continue with this positive and proactive  engagement with the community.”