HealthInvestor UK: “Hospitals for the future”

Merit’s Managing Director Tony Wells’ recently contributed to HealthInvestor UK: “Hospitals for the future”

With the UK government committing £3.7 billion to building 40 new hospitals by 2030, it is vital to consider how this is put to best use to ensure that the infrastructure supporting the overburdened health system is fit for the future.

The COVID-19 crisis has already shone a light on some of the lessons which need to be heeded ahead of future similar challenges (which are quite possible) where adequate space, resources and flexibility are required at short notice.

Hospital building is a long-term commitment – facilities being erected now must consider the future needs that ought to be met in decades to come. Energy efficiency, infection control, and adaptability are all critical for future healthcare settings and are already feasible to achieve through prevailing technologies.

We can leverage novel and proven approaches to build facilities that are adequate for both our and future generations’ use. Off-site construction has already shown that it is possible to reduce timelines and costs with no compromise on quality, so why not build on attested examples and change hospital building altogether. We have the tools and know-how; we just have to use these.

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