Merit Factory

Merit has a 270,000ft² factory in the North East of England, home to our unique 'Design for Manufacture' approach.


Merit is pioneering a hybrid solution with 75-90% offsite manufactured value to deliver projects faster, at a lower cost and with zero carbon emissions.

We are challenging how construction is delivered. With nearly 20 years experience in offsite manufacturing and with the recent developments in BIM modelling and REVIT we have completely rethought our approach. We are aggressively transitioning away from traditional onsite construction methods towards factory manufactured subassemblies and total POD solutions.

Now is the time to completely transform the industry and develop better offsite manufacturing techniques to support this change. Our designs maximise offsite manufactured value and are developed around a zero carbon emissions design.

Offsite Manufactured Products

Our offsite manufactured solutions improve productivity in the construction industry.

What we do

Merit delivers buildings in an entirely unique manner through 4D BIM with up to 75-90% offsite manufactured value.