Offsite Manufactured Products

Our offsite manufactured solutions improve productivity in the construction industry.


This product based approach exceeds Government initiatives including Construction 2025 with a zero carbon emissions design philosophy at the heart of the offering. This means we can support a better environment today and not in 5 years’ time.

We offer a range of products to suit a range of settings:

  • GMP facilities
  • Cell and gene therapy facilities
  • Vaccine facilities
  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • General biopharma applications
  • SSD suites
  • Theatres and imaging
  • Whole hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Aseptic suites
  • Diagnostics facilities
  • Clean and dry rooms including gigafactories
  • Incubator facilities
  • Laboratories with CL2, CL3 and CL4 designs
  • Satellite development and deployment facilities

Some of our products are patent pending and carry UK or EU trademarks:

  • PAM (patent pending)
    • Manufactured offsite | Complete subassemblies | All MEP services contained within a Pre-Assembled Module (PAM)
  • FLEXI POD® (patent pending) – new build construction
    • Platform design based, offsite project delivery | 75-90% offsite manufactured value | No pre-defined size constraints | Riser free layout | Significantly faster time from inception to time to use
  • UltraPAM® – fit-out
    • Fastest ‘no surprise’ offsite manufactured fit-out | Each UltraPAM design is a bespoke client solution for GMP and containment requirements | Scalable modular expandability | Riser free layout | Significantly faster time from inception to time to use.
  • UltraPOD™
    • Smaller than FlexiPOD | Suitable for constrained sites | Fully offsite manufactured building | Optimised plantroom space | Configured for varying settings
  • PAir®
    • Factory manufactured and fully welded process air solution | Moisture ingress elimination | -60°C dew point supply; -50°C return | Energy efficient solution with complete in-house fabrication of all components | 100% factory tested with a +/- 2mm positioning accuracy.
    • Achieves accelerated clinical trials through fast track and cost effective offsite manufactured vaccine and ATMP facility delivery | Faster and lower cost solution than typical ‘modular’ cleanroom PODs | Highest quality multi-suite product | 6-9 months from inception to qualification.
  • ICU Hotel® (patent pending)
    • Latest innovation in patient care | Flexible and scalable designs to suit capacity requirements | interchangeable solution from normal operation to pandemic control | Infection control | zero carbon emissions facility with 200 KW solar power renewable energy.
Merit Factory
Merit Factory

Merit has a 270,000ft² factory in the North East of England, home to our unique ‘Design for Manufacture’ approach.

What we do
What we do

Merit delivers buildings in an entirely unique manner through 4D BIM with up to 75-90% offsite manufactured value.