• Facility for the production of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP).
  • Achieves accelerated clinical trials through fast track and cost effective offsite manufactured vaccine and ATMP facility delivery.
  • Highest quality multi-suite product.
  • 6-9 months from inception to qualification.
  • Faster and lower cost solution than typical 'modular' cleanroom PODs.

The ATMP HUB® addresses several concerns:

  • Highest quality multi-suite product capable ATMP
  • Eliminated cross contamination risk
  • Extremely space efficient <50% plant room space
  • Successful MHRA/FDA approval history
  • Flexible multi-viral vector manufacturing solution

Ground Floor


2 Stage Gowning

  • 2 Stage gowning procedure
    • Stage 1 Grade CNC to Grade D
    • Stage 2 Grade D to Grade C
  • Step over benches to avoid cross contamination
  • High quality wipe-down 316L stainless steel fixtures and fittings for sterile use
  • 'Spray and wipe' disinfection areas at stage 2 of gowning

QC Office / Store

  • Healthy living office space
  • Impact on health and wellbeing
  • High spec office area
  • Acoustically rated sound panels suitable for an office environment


  • Grade C corridor complete with low level extracts, vinyl flooring and modular cleanroom panels
  • Pressure and temperature monitoring
  • Access to material and personnel airlocks and pass-through hatches


  • Suitable for constrained sites
  • Fully offsite manufactured product
  • Optimised plantroom space
  • Configured for varying settings

Can be used for any facility we deliver, be it fit-out or new build, including but not limited to:

  • Vaccine facilities
  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • General biopharma applications
  • Theatres and imaging
  • Diagnostics facilities
  • Incubator facilities
  • Hospitals and other healthcare facilities

Cleanroom Suites

  • Layout is designed around material, product and personnel flow to maximise productivity and contamination risk mitigation
  • Material and product flow assessments are developed with our in-house QP, incorporating material airlocks and static or dynamic pass-through hatches to suit GMP best practices and achieve MHRA approval
  • Stage 3 gowning, providing Grade C into processing suite personnel transition
  • Pressure cascade design developed in-line with the required BSL level and Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide cleaning regime
  • High quality wipe-down 316L stainless steel fixtures and fittings for sterile use
  • Wall panels with specialist coating suitable for VHP sterilisation

First Floor


  • CNC Graded laboratory area complete with QC write-up areas
  • Flexible multi-purpose staff training facilities