A hybrid solution of traditional build, comprising aspects of MMC for the shell and core, and an offsite manufactured fit out which is facilitated through a Pre-Assembled Module (PAM) and POD strategy.

These products are pre-designed based on a successful GMP compliant and regulatory approved MEP/architectural design platform which is adapted to customer specific applications and is deeply integrated into the validation process in order that a more productive, consistent and successful outcome is achieved.

Products can be configured depending on a number of customer criteria including:

  • Scale of building
  • Height of cleanrooms and manufacturing equipment
  • Type of products
  • Timescales required for completion
  • Site constraints
  • Budget
  • Flexibility and future expandability
  • Suitable for all complex high technology facilities
  • Hybrid flat pack for new builds in excess of 1000m² footprint
  • Next generation technology
  • Factory manufactured POD/PAM building platform
  • 75% to 95% pre-manufactured value (PMV)
  • 50-75% faster time from inception to time to use
  • 10%-20% cost savings
  • Zero carbon emission building design
  • Integrated renewable energy and minimised construction carbon emissions
  • Traditional built 'look and feel' with all the advantages of offsite manufacturing

Riser free layout design used for any fixed new-build facility we deliver, including but not limited to:

  • Sterile services facilities
  • Cell and gene therapy facilities
  • Infection control GMP facilities
  • Aseptic suites
  • Vaccine facilities
  • Laboratories with CL2, CL3 and CL4 designs
  • Hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  • Space facilities
  • Battery facilities