Design, Construction and Fit-Out for TSTL (Turbine Surface Technologies Limited).


In 2019, Merit was awarded the TSTL project for Rolls Royce for the manufacture of jet engine blade coatings.

  • Offsite modular PAM solution
  • Annual energy saving of £160,000
  • Rolls Royce’s first zero carbon facility 10 years ahead of target

The project involves the fit out of an existing warehouse which is not currently operational live, this is to be in three phases as listed below:

  • Phase 1A – PVD Area Builder Works including fit out
  • Phase 1B – PVD Area Services Works
  • Phase 2 – Remaining area of the building fit out

This Joint Venture between Rolls Royce and Chromalloy was established in 2000 and is known as TSTL (Turbine Surface Technologies Limited). Phase 2 of the TSTL project is to provide an extension to an existing Rolls Royce manufacturing facility located immediately to the North of the Site to accommodate the future demand of the Rolls Royce engine production programme.

The scheme mostly involves adaption of the existing warehouse buildings and the installation of new machinery and equipment to make them suitable for their use as a coating facility for Rolls Royce engine parts. The proposals also include the construction of some smaller out-buildings (to house generators, chillers and pumps, and store various gases and chemicals) and changes to the infrastructure (minor alterations to the layout of the access road and car parking areas) to suit the new facility. An external ‘social space’ for staff, bike storage facilities, a gatehouse along the main access road and controlled access points will also be provided.

Merit will deliver this project using our offsite technology, with PAMs manufactured at Merit’s 270,000m² offsite factory. This approach minimises waste, on-site labour and travel, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint for project delivery.

Merit, however, took this a step further and took on the challenge to eliminate fossil fuels from not only Merit’s manufacturing process but to also provide Rolls Royce with its first innovative and cost-effective zero carbon emissions facility in 2020, 10 years ahead of their current target of 2030.

The entire project was re-designed to integrate zero carbon will be delivered for the original cost. As part of this solution, we will deliver 1.7MW of heat recovery augmented with heat pump/chillers, integrated as part of the PAM strategy. The HVAC/M+E design was overhauled to deliver a Zero Carbon emissions facility Merit benchmarked the design used to eliminate Natural Gas from the project in its entirety.

At no additional project capital cost, the facility will provide an annual energy saving of £160,000. Utilising Merit’s PAM strategy, the project will take 52weeks, saving 8 weeks. (-15%) to the original programme.