Electrical Control and Instrumentation (EC&I) package for this new £150m waste to energy centre.


The future is clean energy: how we played our part for Viridor.

We played a significant part in getting this new recycling and renewable energy centre powered up! We delivered the EC&I installation and secondary steelwork package!

  • £150m recycling and renewable energy centre
  • Concept design was developed and cultivated it into a working solution – ensuring pathway efficiency and early procurement
  • Merit devised an installation tracker system aligned to the overall project programme.
  • Electrical systems installation including 200,000m of cable.

Merit was selected to deliver the EC&I installation and secondary steelwork package at Viridor’s facility in Glasgow. The project formed part of a £150m recycling and renewable energy centre, comprising smart materials recycling, anaerobic digestion and an advanced conversion facility recovering renewable energy.

The project included primary and secondary containment; power and instrumentation cables; supply and terminate all power and instrumentation cabling; general power outlets; distribution boards; junction boxes; battery tipping units; ethernet fibre cabling; Profibus communication cabling; emergency stops; secondary steelwork supports; installation of instrumentation and stainless steel pipework; and all testing and commissioning works.

Upon project commencement, we quickly established clear lines of communication between ourselves and the client, their planning team and their designers. We also developed the concept design and developed it into a working solution, focusing on long-lead items and critical path elements where early procurement was absolutely necessary. Design changes were captured with regular design team meetings involving the client and relevant stakeholders with any variations incorporated on panel capacity and delivery.

Primary containment runs emanating from the MCC rooms were installed to provide dedicated cable routes to all equipment and plant. Secondary containment was installed from the primary runs to the individual items of equipment and plant. All containment was coordinated with other services.

LV power and instrumentation cabling was installed on suitably approved supports throughout the installation. Cables were terminated at the MCC panels and all the field devices. Once cables were terminated, the required test procedures were completed.