Installation and Validation of Process Systems

Merit has a long history working for clients requiring system/tool fit up and hook-up, working in areas such as semiconductors, laboratories and manufacturing processes. We are fully conversant with cleanroom protocols and key industry standards.

Our team can provide design and installation services or can support your existing staff where required.

Design Capability

  • In-house design team
  • Production of detailed P&ID’s
  • Designs for hook up templates
  • 3D modelling prevent service clashes and improving key services such as air flow
  • Detailed design benchmarks and data for a variety of system capacities and loads
  • Creation of process services and system layouts

Installation Capability

  • Process systems and distribution installations for gases, chemicals, water and process wastes.
  • Site surveying and marking out for final tool set down
  • Controls and monitoring for production, safety and environment
  • Process system decommissioning and removal of contaminated waste
  • Commissioning and speciality testing

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