Sponsored Lockdown Leavers

Merit Sponsored Lockdown Leavers T-shirts

Merit is proud to sponsor The Dales year 6 leavers T-shirts. Each child will receive a T-Shirt with their own and their peers names on and the school logo as a keep sake.

The Dales is a specialist primary school with two sites: Blythdale in Blyth and Ashdale in Ashington. They provide for children with a variety of additional needs which may not otherwise be met in a mainstream school setting. They cultivate a safe and caring environment where children can thrive and have the opportunity to meet their full potential.

As the pandemic carries on, The Dales faces more issues than ever as a school. We are delighted to be able to help by sponsoring their year 6 leavers T-shirts. The special needs students usually have 4 months to slowly transition from a primary to secondary school setting, however this is not currently possible.

Holly Johnson, SEND Teacher at The Dales says: ‘A huge thank you to Merit who have stepped up during the pandemic to sponsor our leavers T-Shirts for our year 6’s. The transition to secondary school is very important for every child, and especially for SEND children. The T-shirt’s are a small gesture we can do from afar.’