We have been Shortlisted!

Merit - Offsite Awards 2020 Finalist

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce we have been shortlisted for the Best use of MEP and POD Technology category for the 2020 Offsite Construction Awards!

The Offsite Construction Awards reward outstanding examples of prefabrication and factory-based methods, products and systems. Founded in 2015, the Awards celebrate the offsite industry and promote the benefits of offsite as a more modern, sustainable and streamlined method of construction. Our inclusion on the shortlist is a reflection of the innovation, hard work and dedication of our team!

How did we get shortlisted?

A panel of judges, all high profile successful figures within the offsite construction industries have looked at detailed case studies of our work. They’ve decided that we fit the match and have shortlisted for Best use of MEP and POD Technology Award!

What does being shortlisted mean to us?

For us, it is authentication that our high standards, offsite orientated strategy and focus on developing our technologies is absolutely right, and something to be recognised.

Being shortlisted is great for the team morale and really emphasizes our passion and expertise within the industry and culture and proficiency we’ve developed. Everyone in the team has contributed to the success of our entry and the success of our business!

Awards Ceremony

The winners will be announced at the virtual offsite awards ceremony on 22nd September.