We've researched and benchmarked traditional construction models and completely rethought how hi-tech facilities should be designed and built.


Developing our own offsite techniques – with advanced 4D BIM modelling and other digital technologies – we have taken our manufacturing processes and products to the next level.

Our offsite manufactured products can be found in the most advanced facilities including CGT Catapult in Stevenage, Rolls-Royce in Annesley and UKBIC in Coventry.

Manufactured in our 270,000ft² factory, completed buildings or module sections are transported globally. We can design, manufacture and transport vaccine, drug and healthcare facilities, incorporating air management systems that significantly improve infection control, in a matter of months.

How we do it

Our unique platform design is combined with offsite project delivery to provide a step change improvement in clean technology design, M&E services installation and build methodologies.


We have a range of pre-validated standard building designs for complex environments from pharmaceutical and healthcare to aerospace.