Berwick Hospital

Design and build of the long-awaited, new £35million Berwick community Hospital.


Design and build of the long-awaited, new £35million Berwick community Hospital.

The new development will provide updated services, a new endoscopy suite to deliver care close to people’s homes, as well as a new GP practice.

  • Fixed price solution which includes enhanced infection control and COVID-19 mitigated solution.
  • The facility will achieve zero carbon emissions
  • Programme duration of just 18 months from design to completion.
  • Merit process compliant with Government guidelines of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), achieving at least 76% offsite manufacture.

This facility is much anticipated by the local community and has been the subject of a 15+ year campaign. At present, the closest hospital for emergency and routine care is some 50 miles away in Ashington, Northumberland.

The initial requirements for the hospital include the construction of the main hospital facility, separate energy centre building, hard and soft landscaping and car park construction.

Merit will carry out the construction of the new hospital through highly advanced 4D BIM modelling technology and offsite construction techniques. Merit’s team will utilise its FLEXI POD® solution to deliver this facility.

FLEXI POD®, is Merit’s hybrid solution, comprising aspects of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) for the shell and core, and an offsite manufactured fit-out facilitated through POD and Pre-Assembled-Module (PAM) strategy. This solution will enable Merit’s team to deliver Berwick Hospital with an approximate 75% Pre-Manufactured Value, with all the offsite components manufactured in Merit’s Cramlington-based facility in Northumberland, only 50 miles away from Berwick Hospital site.

Through Merit’s FLEXI POD® offering, there are additional benefits, including:
– Maximised use of free cooling within the HVAC design
– Maximised use of heat pumps for zero carbon and energy efficiency.
– Minimised plant space – smaller buildings cost less to build and less to run and maintain.

Furthermore, we have evaluated our hospital enhanced infection control 100% fresh air systems against HTM07 and can demonstrate by calculation a 15% reduction over current hospital energy consumption for constant operation and up to 30% including night set back. This is due to 67% heat recovery, couple with the use of ‘free cooling’ to deliver a fully air-conditioned building for less capital cost and less running cost with significantly improved infection control.