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In house
Flexible layout


Vertical integration
75-90% offsite manufactured value
314,000ft² factory


Hybrid solution
Accelerated time to use
New build and fit out

Next Generation Zero Carbon Facilities

Lower cost
Zero carbon emissions

What we do

Merit delivers technically complex buildings through offsite construction and digitalised manufacturing in a third of the time compared to traditional methods of construction.

How we do it

Using our Integrated Proprietary Platform design, FLEXI POD® and UltraPOD® product-based solutions with advanced offsite manufacturing techniques.

Who we are

Headquartered in Northumberland, with further offices in Glasgow and London, Merit is the UK’s leading industrialised construction and digital manufacturing specialist. We design and build BREEAM Excellent, zero Scope 1 Carbon enabled facilities in the healthcare, bioscience, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, EV battery manufacture, and aerospace industry sectors, with 75-92% Pre-Manufactured Value. We deliver in line with our client requirements; facilities designed and built at speed, that work first-time with perfect certainty, and at a fixed and affordable price.

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Zero Carbon Emissions

Given the significant challenges posed by climate change, Merit has adopted a zero carbon emissions design philosophy at the heart of its offering.

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